secondhand shopping christmas

Buying secondhand for Christmas


Christmas is around the corner and shopping for gifts can become quite pricey, not to mention overwhelming for our planet since most of us shop for new clothes, toys, electronics, and other products that will end up in the landfill next year. Perhaps it’s time to consider shopping for these gifts at a thrift store, consignment shop, or even secondhand clothing stores online.

Many people have the wrong impression that purchasing secondhand items is purchasing old, raggedy, and unfashionable. However, that impression is far from the truth. Yes, there are some old, raggedy, and unfashionable items but for the most part you can find almost new, fashionable, and trending items at these stores.  There are also ways to upcycle your finds from a thrift store if they are not “almost new”, “fashionable” or “useless”. For example, an old-ugly sweater can be turned into mittens or even a pet bed; you can use a secondhand- mason jar and fill it with brownie mix, and even make a quilt from old t-shirts.

The possibilities are endless and you’ll be saving the planet as well as your money.

If the people who you are shopping for know you care about the planet and for your wallet, then perhaps they won’t mind so much to receive a thoughtful-secondhand gift from you.

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