Garson & Shaw, LLC has a job opening for a Quality Control Engineering Technician.

Job Duties Include:

Will monitor operations to maintain and control standards of material quality using a set prioritization framework.

Will inspect and verify quality of incoming materials, rejecting those that are below standard.

Will identify greatest impacts on methods of operations and the inspection processes to prioritize and coordinate actions in order to maintain quality.

Will evaluate integrated system processes to improve quality control of incoming materials.

Will utilize corrective and preventative measures to optimize the material evaluation process.

Will analyze and evaluate the quality control process and mechanisms to ensure optimal decision-making time and to maintain quality levels.

Offered salary: $58,989 per year

24 months experience as an Industrial Engineering Technician or closely related field is required.

To apply, send a detailed resumé and cover letter to Mr. Poul Jorgensen at 887 West Marietta St, Suite M204, Atlanta, GA 30318 or by email to: