tropical mix used clothing

Wholesale Tropical CLothing

Clothing for hot climates supplied in 1,000 lb bales.

Tropical Mix used clothing is a combination of men’s, women’s and children’s clothes that presorted specifically for tropical climates.

Tropical Mix consists only of lightweight summer clothes appropriate for hot climates.  Items that are not part of the mix include: sweatshirts, heavy jogging pants, long sleeve t-shirts and clothing made out of heavy woven (sweater) or corduroy material.

It also does not include torn, worn out, discolored, faded nor out-of-shape clothing.

In addition to clothing, ‘Household Rummage’ is also included in Tropical Mix. Household Rummage’ consists mainly of bed sheets and towels. 

Wholesale Quantities

Tropical Mix from the U.S. or Canada is packed in large bales, approximately 1,000 lbs each.

We ship worldwide.

used clothing bales