Wholesale Mixed Rags Used Clothing

Mixed Rags Used Clothing​

Bulk used clothing for rags.

Mixed institutional rags are a category of used clothing generated from second hand and thrift stores.

Mixed rags are sold wholesale, most commonly packed in large bales, typically 800-1,200 lbs.

Graders use mixed rags as raw material for sorting. We are a wholesale supplier of mixed rags from various locations across the U.S.

Where Do Mixed Rags Come From?

Mixed Institutional Rags originate from large chains and small independent thrift/second-hand stores all over the USA and also abroad.
  • Mixed rags are made up of two types of clothing: items that were hung in a thrift store but did not sell (tags will commonly still be on the clothing)
  • and clothing that was not placed in a thrift store for sale due to flaws such as a missing buttons, stains, etc.

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