Oxfam has called for a movement in the month of September called #secondhandseptember . The intention of this movement is to get people to pledge to ONLY purchase secondhand goods for the whole month of September. Changing out your closet every season, every year, is just simply not a sustainable way to live if you are throwing away your used clothes and purchasing new ones every time. You are damaging the environment and also damaging the economy indirectly. According to Oxfam, it would take you 13 years to drink the amount of water it takes to make a new pair of jeans & a t-shirt. Think about that. Your fashion is costing the earth at least 13 years of water supply for one person. Insane, right? And that’s not counting other numerous negative-effects of processing new pieces of clothing. So how about you join Oxfam and Garson & Shaw in purchasing ONLY secondhand clothing, shoes, and other items for the whole month of September. Your wallet will thank you and so will the environment.

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