What is Climate Change?

climate change

Global climate change aka climate change


Worldwide environmental change alludes to the normal long haul changes over the whole Earth. These are warming temperatures and changes for precipitation, just as the impacts of Earth’s warming, for example,

  • Rising ocean levels
  • Contracting mountain ice sheets
  • Ice dissolving at a quicker rate than expected in Greenland, Antarctica and the Arctic
  • Changes in blossom and plant sprouting times.

Earth’s environment has continually been changing — even well before people came into the picture. In any case, researchers have noticed bizarre changes as of late. For instance, Earth’s normal temperature has been expanding substantially more rapidly than they would expect in the course of recent years.

The air near the earth’s surface was warmed up about 2 degrees Fahrenheit in the past century. This change in temperature affects the health of the Earth’s plants, animals and the behaviors in water levels.

It is believed that the temperature increase has been due to mostly humans’ doing. Humans burn fuel to power different machines and the burning of fuels causes gases that go up into the atmosphere to block the natural heat of the earth from going out into space; resulting in a warmer earth.

Scientists are constantly working to know more about the extent of the damage and to know exactly where we are standing in regards to global warming aka global climate change and how concerned we should be.

Climate Change video

David Attenborough, a natural historian, gives a warning to the UN about climate change, take a minute to listen to his warning.




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