Recycle your underwear!

Ever wondered what you can do with your used underwear?

recycle your underwear

Now you can recycle your underwear!


We all have underwear that we want to get rid of, but it’s definitely something you don’t want to just donate to be reused by someone else, cause, well, yuck! Instead we just dump it in the trash and it ends up in the landfills. Terracycle has provided us all a solution to this matter.  Terracycle is recycling used underwear into material that is being used for new products such as furniture, insulation, and bedding. Consumers are able to send all kinds, colors, new and used (bottom) underwear to Terracycle’s recovery facilities. Terracycle first sorts the underwear by type, then cleans, then it’s shredded mechanically and re-spunned into textile shoddy.  Terracycle is working with Parade shops to provide consumers rewards to purchase new underwear after consumers have sent Terracycle their used underwear. Seems like a win-win situation.