Investing in our Planet

Earth Day

investing in our planet for earth day

Investing in our planet is our priority, Garson & Shaw is committed to environmental stewardship through textile reuse and recycling. We are proud to be leaders in the industry, and we actively work to raise awareness about the environmental benefits of secondhand clothing.  By re-wearing, reusing, and recycling clothing, we save precious natural resources, reduce pollution, and keep waste out of landfills. Every item of clothing saved is good for our planet.


But we reclaim only 15% of all discarded clothing. The average person in the US throws away 70 lbs. of clothing each year —that’s over 25 billion lbs. landfilled. At Garson & Shaw, though, we know that reusing and recycling are good for our planet and its people.
Reusing just one t-shirt, instead of buying new, saves 700 gallons of water and many pounds of chemical pesticides that pollute the environment.
For every pound of cotton manufactured, 15 lbs. of CO2 are released into the atmosphere. Buying secondhand reduces the demand for this manufacture, eliminating these emissions.
Reusing textiles also reduces waste. According to the EPA, the US generates 25 billion lbs. of textile waste every year. Recycling keeps clothes out of the trash, saving landfill space and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

How does GARSON & SHAW invest in our planet?

Garson & Shaw connects the things you no longer need with people who can use them. It’s our business to give used clothing a second life.

We work with thrift stores, charities and for-profit collection companies to recycle millions of pounds of clothes, shoes and household items. Recyclers can feel good knowing that their used items are finding a new home through Garson & Shaw.

investing in our planet_earth day

How can YOU invest in our planet?

  1. Pick up trash- at the beach, on your morning run, at the park when you take the kids to play
  2. Fight deforestation- plant a tree, plant a CO2 reducer plant
  3. Switch to reusable bags- skip the plastic bags at the grocery store
  4. Avoid plastic containers- purchase items in glass containers, buy paper bags
  5. Practice sustainable fashion- buy sustainable clothing, STOP purchasing fast fashion items
  6. Donate your used items to be reused by others



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