Recycle Kimonos

recycle kimono by duni park

Duni Park, a Korean designer, has decided to recycle kimonos since there’s an over production of kimonos and Japan itself generates over 1.5 million tons of textile waste per year.

Kimonos are considered heirlooms as they are passed from generation to generation and they are made from a mix of silk, cotton and wool. Japan’s kimonos are considered old-fashioned and many of the new generations do not use anymore. The Japanese women would originally downcycle their kimonos into cushion covers, rags or even fertilizer. Park has begun to upcycle these kimonos into everyday & comfortable pieces of clothing, making it super fashionable.

Since kimonos are considered heirlooms, some Japanese women end up keeping a large quantity of kimonos stored all throughout their house and eventually must part with some. With the help of designer Duni Park, older generations can accept to recycle kimonos as opposed to turning them into fertilizer.





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