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We have 4 FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) we receive at Garson & Shaw. If you have more questions you’d like for us to share the answers to, please let us know in our contact page.

Here are our FAQs:

  1. Can I buy only 1 bale?
    Unfortunately, no. Garson & Shaw is a wholesaler and we only sell container (20HC-or-40HC) loads.
  2. Can I pick through the collections?
    Unfortunately, no. Our credential clothing loads, are also called “original” clothing, meaning; used clothing is left in the exact condition and in the original bags that the donator gave the items to the charity or commercial recycling company. In order to keep the integrity of the collected bags, we CANNOT allow picking through the collections.
  3. Can G&S arrange transport?
    Absolutely. We have a whole team dedicated to the transport of our loads. We encourage customers to allow us to arrange their transport. This way there are no broken links in the process from pick-up to drop-off at final destination.
  4. Do you ship your goods to Mexico?Unfortunately, no. Mexico has banned the import of secondhand clothing. Garson & Shaw CANNOT and WILL NOT contraband used clothing into Mexico.