KEPZ exports used textiles

Exploring the benefits of the growing Used Textile Recycling Industry located in the Karachi Export Processing Zone in Pakistan

The used textile industry is growing at a rapid rate. Even with the rise of fast fashion, the used textile industry is projected to become almost 50% bigger than the fast fashion market by 2028.
The Karachi Export Processing Zone in Pakistan is greatly benefiting from the used textile industry as it has exported an approximate of 200 million USD in used textiles. In 2018, used clothing totaled to 38% of exports from the KEPZ. Garson & Shaw was responsible for exporting more than 8 million pounds of used textiles to Pakistan in 2018 and as of November 1st 2019, more than 6 million pounds.
Since 2004,  when the 1sttextile recycling license was issued in KEPZ, the industry has employed over 10,000 people, of which 50% are females.  KEPZ’s role in an increasingly environmental conscious world is vital as it diverts textile waste from landfills by sorting and recycling even what most consider rags.