Making The World A Greener Place by Volunteering

At Garson & Shaw, we want to help make the world a greener place. Of course, we do that Monday through Friday by buying and selling used textiles worldwide. And, while we spend most of our time working with people around the globe to accomplish our goals, we also believe in giving back to our local community. This is why we spent last weekend working with an Atlanta-based organization called Truly Living Well. Truly Living Well is dedicated to bringing “good food, good health, and well-being to Atlanta’s urban community.” They work to educate the public about urban gardening, to bring good, fresh food to the city, and to provide a space where Atlanta residents can find a sense of community through gardening. To learn more about Truly Living Well and its mission, check out their website here.

So what did our volunteer work consist of? We turned the compost! Compost is great because it takes waste – from kitchen scraps to lawn trimmings – and turns it into mineral-rich food for the plants! Taking discarded material and helping turn it into something valuable? That is what we at Garson & Shaw do best!

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