How are your new year’s resolutions going

for you so far?


Most of us like to jump in the band wagon of making a list of our resolutions, that we will surely accomplish, in the upcoming year. Most items in that list include, getting fit, traveling more, letting go of resentments, finding love, obtaining a new job, saving money, etc… We sincerely hope each and every one of your resolutions are fulfilled by the end of the year. However, we would like to dig deep into your conscious and persuade you to add to your resolutions, “reuse, reduce, recycle”.

“Reuse, reduce, recycle” a simple slogan with deep a meaning. When you “reuse, reduce, recycle” you help the environment by reducing the amount of waste going to landfills and also help wildlife live longer.  When you decide to reuse last-year’s jeans, you also save money in your bank account. When you decide to recycle by donating your used items, you provide a job for someone and someone else can purchase your used item at a lower cost than if purchasing it new.

Perhaps with all these benefits, you will consider adding “reuse, reduce, recycle” to your new year’s resolutions.



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