Garson & Shaw supplies used shoes in bulk to customers in different countries all over the world.

Garson & Shaw offers Credential (Original) shoes directly from donations from the USA, Canada and Europe.  Institutional Shoes are also a product and they are from second hand and thrift stores. Both categories are sold ‘as is’ unsorted. We do also sell sorted shoes called Premium (Cream Quality)of both first and second quality available:

  • graded, paired shoes with various combinations in the bags
  • winter shoes / boots
  • other special items like sandals, high heel shoes

Packing of used shoes in bulk

Credential (original) shoes are usually packed in capsacks. Institutional and sorted shoes are packed in small shoe bags. Whereas Premium sorted used shoes are packed in cardboard boxes.



If you are interested in purchasing wholesale used shoes, contact us and we can work with you for an offer that fits your market.





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