Martin Stenfors, from Renewcell, visited Garson & Shaw for our “Taking Action for the Climate” conference back in 2019. At the time, Renewcell was starting up and hadn’t “made fashion circular” yet but it was certainly their main focus.

Circulose, Renewcell’s invention, “dissolves scraps of cotton into the same kind of pulp that is used to make new fabric – except that it doesn’t use any virgin resources to produce. That means no fields, irrigation, pesticides, fertilizers, trees, oil or microplastics. The entire process is powered by renewable energy, and the makers of Circulose say that unlike other recycled fabrics, it can be recycled again (and again) at the end of its life, without losing quality.”

As of today, Renewcell has obtained a new plant with a significant increase in capacity of which will be running on 100% green energy. Renewcell has agreed to provide H&M, a fast-fashion giant, thousands of tons of Circulose over the next few years and Levi’s has also used Circulose in it’s “most sustainable Levi’s ever” back in 2020. Multiple other fashion producers have also worked with Renewcell to get Circulose into the production of their products.

Although, fast-fashion giants have a long way before they can be fully circular, Renewcell’s CIRCULOSE, is definitely making a difference and leading them in the right direction.




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