False information about used clothing is being spread


False information about used clothing and textiles sent to countries in Africa among others, is being spread on the internet and all media outlets.

Articles mention that the UK and other countries involved in circular economy are collecting a high rate for the reuse and recycle of used textiles that are only dumped in a bin and sold. However, if the research was done correctly, then they would know that a simple collection of used textiles is not as “simple” as they make it to be and that the used textiles sent to Africa and other countries are not just simply clothes from a bin. Also, that used textiles sent to Africa do not just end up in landfills but instead they create a positive economic opportunity to traders and consumers; as well as a positive impact on the environment.

It is unknown who the culprit is in spreading misinformation about the final destination of used textiles. If the fast fashion industry is trying to get consumers to point the fingers to circular economy instead of pointing to them for their negative impact on the environment and social-economic problems, then by all means should the used textile sector start defending themselves by providing accurate information and facts to decimate all the false information that has been spread.




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