Ten Actions you can take to help tackle the climate crisis

Our way of life has an extensive impact on our planet. Our choices make a difference. It is estimated that two-thirds of global greenhouse gas emissions are directly related to households. The energy, food, and transport contribute to about 20% of lifestyle emissions. We can make a difference with ten actions you can take to help tackle the climate crisis.

  1. Save energy at home – switch to LED light bulbs, wash laundry with cold water, and lower your heating and cooling settings
  2. Walk, bike, or take public transportation – walking or riding a bike will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, consider carpool when is possible
  3. Eat more vegetables- producing plant-based foods generally produces less greenhouse gas emissions and requires less energy, land, and water
  4. Travel less by airplane- take a train or meet virtually when possible
  5. Reduce food waste- use all the food you bought and if you have leftovers, compost it
  6. Reduce, reuse, repair & recycle – buy fewer things, purchase second-hand clothing and shoes, repair items
  7. Change home’s source of energy- if possible, switch to wind or solar energy, or install solar panels to generate energy for your home
  8. Use electric  vehicle- even if electric cars run on electricity produced from fossil fuels, they help reduce air pollution
  9. Use Eco-friendly products- buy local and seasonal foods
  10. Speak up- Talk to neighbors, family, friends, and colleagues and ask them to join in taking action