Now is the time to visit your local secondhand clothing store!

local secondhand store

Back in mid 2021 after the pandemic had thousands of people secluded in their homes, the secondhand market spiked. People were looking to clean out their closets so they began selling their clothes online or donating to secondhand stores. According to ThredUp and Global data, the secondhand clothing business will see an increase in sales from $36 billion to $77 billion by 2025.

“The number of first-time buyers of secondhand clothes jumped by 33 million last year – and three-quarters of them plan to increase their spending in that market. All totaled, some 223 million consumers are open to secondhand shopping, says the survey.”

People seek to purchase secondhand clothing for different reasons, such as environmental and sustainability factors, lower prices for brand items, and to provide low cost clothing items for their families. With an inflation rate of 7.9% by February of this year 2022, purchasing new clothes might not be feasible for some families, especially for the low income. So visit your local secondhand clothing store where you can find almost- new clothing items and name-brand items, all at an affordable price.




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