March 22




According to worldwaterday.orgWorld Water Day is celebrated every March 22. “It is an annual United Nations Observance, started in 1993, that celebrates water and raises awareness of the 2 billion people currently living without access to safe water. A core focus of World Water Day is to inspire action towards Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 6: water and sanitation for all by 2030”.

Water is one of the planet’s most precious resources.

Water has an immense value. People use water in different ways on a daily basis including drinking, agriculture, industry, recreation, hygiene, sanitation, and health care. Water resources are precious and finite. Warming temperatures and other natural and human-made stressors threaten the quantity and quality of our water supply. World Water Day highlights the value of water, the essential role water plays in our lives, and how we can protect it.

Every person can play a role in protecting our water supply, here are some ways you can play your role: