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Shop Quality- Secondhand Clothing

Shop Quality


Shop Quality is Garson & Shaw’s highest quality sorted used clothes. It is the top-grade, premium quality items of the collected goods, which vary in the origin of the clothing collected.

All used clothing items are carefully collected and checked for mistakes. Items are high quality and fashion, and will be in very good condition in terms of shape and color.

The items can either be sorted into the different categories or they can be mixed. You can purchase this quality wholesale used clothing from the U.S. and Europe.

The items can either be sorted into different categories by item – for example: ladies dresses, men’s shirts, men’s jeans, etc. – or it can be all items mixed together. It’s normally packed seasonally, winter or summer.

Shop Quality is divided into two quality levels:
  • Premium Quality
  • Number One

We also supply Winter Shop Quality B, which is the next level after Premium and Number One. It is still a strong quality, slightly worn, fashion including popular brands, with a good selection of items to be used during the winter season without stains and holes.


Call us to get a list of standard secondhand clothing that can be included in your order – then we will make the final composition for your order together.


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