How to Thrift

How to thrift tips


Tips on how to thrift so you can dress to impress with secondhand clothing at a reasonable price.

Thrifting is becoming the “thing” for new generations as they search for vintage outfits and affordable pieces of clothing that can be easily acquired in a thrift store.


  1. Thrift at stores in smaller cities or town- smaller town stores don’t get as many donations as the ones in the big cities, so the big city stores ship goods to the smaller town and you have a higher chance of getting the “good” stuff of high quality or name brands.
  2. When shopping at a thrift store, use “Label Resource” to find a brand you don’t recognize; it might just be a high name brand item.
  3. Search in your search engine for “thrift store near me”
  4. Visit each thrift store near you and you might find that one has better furniture than others and the other has better quality secondhand clothing than the furniture store. Now you know which store to visit when you are in search of a specific item.
  5. Shop for off-season secondhand clothing, that’s because you can get a better deal for those items.
  6. Look for items that can be repurposed.
  7. As you get to know the thrift stores around you, find out their restocking dates so you have a better chance of getting 1st choice.
  8. Shop on the days there’s sales for certain color tags.
  9. Stick to your needs, don’t go purchasing random things you don’t need just because they seem like a good deal.
  10. Time-limit yourself to maximum 45 minutes at the thrift store.
  11. Learn to identify high-quality items.
  12. Test electronics before buying them.
  13. Assume some stains are permanent and you might not be able to get it out of that one blazer you loved!




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