International Day for the Eradication of Poverty

eradication of poverty

Food and volunteers are essential in the search for the eradication of poverty.


In the middle of a cold morning, some blue tents and plenty of food, dozens of volunteers joined the efforts for food safety to everyone.



During our fast-paced daily life, where every second counts, good and healthy eating has been relegated to the consumption of snacks or fast food. Different studies carried out by the United States Center for Disease Control reported that there are about 10 million children in the North American country who suffer from obesity. The research called The National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, showed that serious cases of obesity are already found from the age of two.

This phenomenon that has been increasing in recent years is not only due to a more sedentary life in which children and young people have decreased their physical activity, but also to the lack of good nutrition and a healthy diet rich in nutrients. The mission of C.H.O.I.C.E.S (The Center Helping Obesity In Children End Successfully, Inc.) is to raise awareness in the population about the importance of healthy eating. They seek to educate society to eat better through different campaigns. Garson & Shaw together with its collaborators participated in one of these events that joined the fight against Food Insecurity and Childhood Obesity.

Amid the joy of dozens of volunteers, Garson & Shaw’s employees collaborated with filling grocery bags with food that would be destined for low-income families in the city of Atlanta. Through the activity they had the opportunity to talk about food security and become aware of this situation that affects millions of people. According to the Bread For The World Institute, about 14.5% of American households, that is, approximately 49 million Americans struggle to have a plate of food in their homes every day.

Hunger is considered one of the highest signs of poverty in society, since it endangers the basic needs of human beings such as eating; a clear violation of human rights. UNESCO is convinced that the sustainable fight against poverty requires the sum of different efforts in which education is fundamental.

Garson & Shaw is committed to the pursuit of goal #1 of the UNESCO 2030 agenda: “End poverty in all its forms throughout the world” by supporting different initiatives that are aimed at this vision.

C.H.O.I.C.E.S. has conveyed its intention of a better-nourished society to more than 125,000 children and adults through cooking classes, workshops, summer camps, health expos, and other activities.

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