America Recycles Day

Today we celebrate America Recycles Day!

As we encourage you to recycle today (and every day), here are a few reasons why recycling is important.

  1. Recycling keeps trash out of the landfill

    The EPA states that 35% of American trash can be kept out of landfills if we recycle and compost.

  2. Recycling reduces consumption of raw materials

    It is expensive to extract raw materials, not to mention the ridiculous amount of water and energy is used to extract them. Recycling reduces the amount of raw materials needed, which in return conserves our precious and finite natural resources such as water, trees, metals, and oils.

  3. Recycling saves energy

    On a yearly basis, recyclers save the amount of energy it would take to power 14 million homes for a year.

  4. Recycling equals jobs

    Every year in the USA, 757,000 jobs are created by recycling and reusing, all while producing $36 billion USD in wages.

  5. Recycling reduces pollution

    Less items in the landfill equals less methane released into the atmosphere. In addition, recycling reduces the amount of energy needed to extract natural resources, which means less pollution.

How does Garson & Shaw contribute to America Recycles Day ?

Garson & Shaw connects the things you no longer need with people who can use them. It’s our business to give used clothing a second life.

We work with thrift stores, charities and for-profit collection companies to recycle millions of pounds of clothes, shoes and household items. Recyclers can feel good knowing that their used items are finding a new home through Garson & Shaw.

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